Hi, everyone! Beth is on vacation this week, and I’ll be here helping out during what I hope will be an eventful week, though it’s going to be hard to top Kate Middleton giving birth, right?

Anyway, it’s off to a promising start. First there was Lady Gaga and her intriguing new look, then on Sunday Britney Spears hit the blue carpet for the Smurfs 2 premiere in L.A. You never quite know what to expect with a Britney sighting, but she did Smurfette proud this weekend.

britney spears smurfette

Smurfette is the ultimate blue blond bombshell, and Brit nailed the look, sans white pointy hat. Her face-framing layers and the volume at the crown were perfectly executed—perhaps this is the end result of these confusing bangs finally growing out.

We all know Britney’s had a rocky hair history and a very conflicted relationship with hair extensions. But last night her hair looked relatively healthy and vibrant (OK, possibly she could have used one more swipe of serum

on her ends—such are the perils of bleaching). If she was wearing extensions, it wasn’t obvious, which is the whole point. If you can see them, you’re doing something wrong, and she’s been, ahem, wrong on more than one occasion. Her makeup wasn’t too harsh last night either, which is another thing that sometimes trips her up.

britney spears smurfette hair all angles

In general I think Brit looked positively smurfy yesterday. Just me, or is she very old-school, *good *Britney here?

Photo: Getty Images