Charlize Theron’s bold eye makeup here is one of those eye looks that I feel both strangely drawn to and repelled from simultaneously. I think the thing is that…

I like it better up-close than I do from far away. Here she is when pulled back:

0329 charlize theron eyes bd
PHOTO: 2010 Steve Granitz

I am not so in love.

But then here’s the closeup:

0329 gold foil eyes bd
PHOTO: 2010 Steve Granitz

And this I am into.

Regardless, I have to give her credit for going outside her comfort zone. She usually goes for softer, more ethereal looks. This is quite funky for her. So good for you for taking a risk, Charlize.

The question just becomes did that risk really pay off? What do you guys think?

If you’re in love, here are some shades that might get you something sorta like this (hint: To get that shiny finish, wet your brush when using powder shadow):

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