Yesterday, I was on the phone with the amazing makeup artist Troy Surratt and he shared an eyelash trick that’s just way too liability-laden for me to ever recommend in a magazine article. However, it’s also fairly brilliant in its creativity, so I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

1120 sharpie eyelashes bd
PHOTO: Copyright 2003 – Allen Johnson

When Troy was a teenager, he decided he looked prettier with darker lashes, but mascara looked too obvious on a guy. So he used a black Sharpie to tint the tips (which tend to be lightest from spending the most time in the sun). He still uses the trick today before television appearances, when he wants his eyes to pop more on camera, and swears he’s never woken up with red, puffy eyes the day after doing so. Still, neither of us is recommending you try this at home. Don’t do it! I won’t be held responsible for your vision. I’m just curious if any of you have already tried this trick or a similar one, especially during your fearless teenage years. What’s the craziest D.I.Y. beauty trick you’ve ever tried? Anything involving office supplies? Anything that would make your mom cringe? Did you ever, like me, paint your nails with Wite-Out during junior high?

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