Actress Piper Perabo resurrected a classic updo last night at the The New York Cares Coat Drive: Grace Kelly’s ’40s tuck. Come see.

1201 piper perabo grace kelly updo bd
PHOTO: 2011 Omar Tobias Vega
1201 piper perabo updo side 1 bd
PHOTO: 2011 Omar Tobias Vega
1201 piper perabo updo side 2 bd
PHOTO: 2011 Omar Tobias Vega

Last time we saw this updo it was on a couple of years ago on Kate Winslet and the hairstylist behind that style, Renato Campora for Frederic Fekkai, gave us the steps. Here they are:

“Step 1) For fullness, he applied Fekkai More All-Day Density Styling Whip on her wet hair and blow-dried it smooth with a round brush.

Step 2) Then he used a one-inch curling iron to create curls all over and—here’s the important part—he let them set for 20 minutes.

Step 3) He brushed it through.

Step 4) He worked in Fekkai Coiff Magnifique Ultra-Light Finishing Creme for control and sculpted the curls into place with his fingers.

Step 4) He brushed the ends under (and, I’m sure, blasted the whole thing with hairspray).”

Piper’s hair looks a bit longer, so instead of just letting the curls hang, they appear to be rolled under, tucked up and pinned. And I’m guessing there’s hair gel and more hairpins involved on the sides there–you need intense hold to get a shape like that to stay. But it seems like something some of you can probably pull off. So if you’re thinking of trying this out, remember to take pictures and send them in to [email protected]! Deal? Deal.

Photos: Getty Images