Gwen Stefani decided to come to the Sherlock Holmes premiere as a lovely scrapbook of the year in makeup, hair and nails. In fact, she rocked five trends all at once…

1215 gwen stefani front bd
PHOTO: 2009 Dave M. Benett

Disclaimer: She’d actually worn several of these looks throughout the years, but it’s just the fact that it’s the end of the year and she went for so darn many of these things at once that really caught my attention. I’ll point ’em out to you.

Trend 1: Bright, bright, bright lipstick. Here she went with her signature red.

1215 gwen stefani bd
PHOTO: 2009 Sylvia Linares

Trend 2: The cat eye look.

Trend 3: The French twist (which she’s worn a few times before).

Trend 4: High-on-top, “Bumped” hair.

1215 gwen nails bd
PHOTO: 2009 Sylvia Linares

Trend 5: White nail polish (another one she’s worn before).

See? Five. I don’t lie.

Were these the best of the year? Not saying—you’ll have to check back for that list as we wrap up the year. But these are the ones Gwen went for last night.

Which one is your fave?

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Photos: Getty Images and Film Magic