Do we have any What Not to Wear fans in the house today? Y’all are going to be psyched. I got to pick the show’s makeup artist Carmindy’s brain for a few minutes last week. Here are the highlights:

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Here’s a red carpet shot of her to gaze at while you wonder her tips.

TGBD: Let’s talk spring! What color do you think will be big this season?

Carmindy: Corals—really across the board. A lot of people think of coral and think of grandma colors. But the new formulas are sheer, shimmery and light so they’re flattering and wearable. Go for a peachy pink if you have light skin, a true peach for medium skin and something orange-y for dark skin. Wear it on your lips and cheeks for spring and summer.

TGBD: What do you suggest women do to transition their makeup?

Carmindy: You can start to bring out a light bronzer, maybe one shade darker than your skin tone and brush it on your temples and down right under the cheekbones in a “C”—not all over your face. It gives you a little color so you ease into spring.

TGBD: Can you give us a preview of your new book coming out on April 1?

Carmindy: It’s full of tips! For instance, sugar is the best exfoliator in the world. Use some sugar in the shower, on your body, on your face. You can lather up your face with cleanser. It’s great!

TGBD: Got any tips for making lashes look great?

Carmindy: A lot of these primers and thickeners that are out now, they wind up looking clumping. The real trick is to use an eyeliner pencil and get it right into the root of the lashes. That gives the illusion of a thicker looking lashline.

TGBD: How about for removing eye makeup?

Carmindy: Makeup remover cloths are great, but when it comes to eye makeup, don’t try to scrub that off with a cloth. There’s not enough product in the cloth to lift eye makeup, you really need a special makeup remover. My favorite is A-List Cleanser by Rodial. And then there’s one by Make Up For Ever I like. Use it on a Q-tip on the lashline and rub back and forth gently to pick up all the makeup.

Those were the highlights! Watch out for her new book next month. Oh, and she’s working with AIR OPTIX AQUA contact lenses on their Surprise Your Eyes. The story? Send in your best tip for keeping their eyes healthy and beautiful, along with a photo or video demonstrating it by April 30. The best one will be awarded with $5,000. So if you’ve got a great tip, head on over to the contest site and enter.

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