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PHOTO: 2008 Gregg DeGuire

My fellow TGBDer Andrea is right—raven is the It shade in hair color right now. In fact, after I read her fabulous trend story, I started noticing that jet-black locks are pretty much everywhere in Hollywood at the moment. But more on that in a second. For now, let’s go over why this trend is so darn popular. And we can use the first two lovelies Andrea spotted the trend on, Demi Moore (right) and Courteney Cox (left), as examples:

As you can see here, this rich hue is incredibly shiny, makes creamy skin look even creamier and provides the perfect backdrop to make eyes really pop.

But it’s hard to not love onyx locks on these two, right? Well, I’d like to submit as evidence that this trend has legs two more gorgeous gals who are rocking black hair.

  1. There’s singer Katy Perry, whose dark locks give her a little edge.

1007 katy perry bd
PHOTO: 2008 Dominique Charriau

And 2) Vanessa Hudgens, whose raven locks have been looking a bit more intense lately—and really, really pretty.

1104 vanessa hudgens bd
PHOTO: WireImage.com

So there you have it, proof that black hair is truly the big trend this season. Do you like the look? Think it’s a little too stark? Kind of want to go for it yourself? Sound off!

And be sure to check out Andrea’s round up of the best tips from last month—it’s jam-packed with tons of great ideas and incredibly useful tips!

Photo: Wireimage.com