We heard through the beauty grapevine that you guys wanted to see more of the best mascaras here on TGBD! Well, no need to hold your breath because I’m happy to take on the “best mascaras that ever existed” challenge; starting with this one that I bet hasn’t even crossed your cosmetic radar just yet….

Alright, let’s get right into this mascara business, shall we? I just want you gals to know that I take my eye makeup very seriously and as you lovelies know, a great mascara is a majorly important part of a good look. When it comes to finding the ones that work the best I’ve searched almost every nook and cranny in drugstores and beauty counters aaaaall over the city. And let me tell ‘ya, the Lumene Blueberry Curl Mascara took me by surprise! I mean “blueberry mascara”?!

My lashes are pretty fine–it looks like they’re barely there when I’m not wearing any ‘scara. But when I coated on the Lumene, they popped out in a big, big way. (I tried to take some photos, but DIY close-up shots of eyeballs and lashes look a little funny–not to mention blurry!)

Better yet, this mascara has blueberry seed oil in its formula, which is supposed to keep your lashes healthy. (Kind of like a mini antioxidant boost for your peepers.) Mine lashes are usually pretty brittle, and I swear that the breakage has really slowed down since I started using the stuff a couple of weeks ago. Last but not least, it’s only about $10. Not bad!

Has anyone else ever tried this stuff? Any other believers or are there other unexpected mascaras that you like better?

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