I’ve done over 500 beauty makeovers over the past few years–plus hundreds of hair and makeup interviews—and I can tell you that there’s one VIP colorist who stands out from the rest: Kathy Galotti, from the Louis Licari Salon here in NYC—a.k.a. the Brunette Guru in my book. She always gets highlights and low-lights right so that the colors look *totally *natural while having certain too-good-to-be true glow.

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Here’s Emmy with her perfectly highlighted brunette locks…thanks to Kathy, of course!

In addition to coloring a slew of brunettes that I know–including moi–Kathy is also responsible for Emmy Rossum’s great color. (Rossum got her hair color touched up a few weeks ago and was seated next to yours truly!) While I was in the chair, I asked Kathy to shared a few tips on what you lovely ladies at home–or your favorite colorist–should do to achieve the perfect highlighted brunette look. Here are her top 6 hair color tips:


  1. Don’t do the chunky color thing:__ Highlights should be thin and skinny with a lot of your natural brown color in between.

2. Only highlight a couple shades lighter than your natural color. For instance, if your hair is dark brown, your highlights should be of a medium brown color. If you’ve got medium brown hair, opt for a light brown highlighting shade.

3. Do everything possible to avoid red. Have your colorist take the highlight off quickly (foils shouldn’t stay on longer than 5-15 minutes).

__4. Don’t highlight as often as a blonde.__In a brunette’s case, don’t highlight any sooner than 4 months. If you do, you’ll lose your natural color.

5. Use a conditioner that’s specifically for brunettes. Try JF Lazartigue. If your color fades, oxidizes, or turns brassy, this will help your re-glam your hair in about 5 minutes.

6. Go easy on the washing. Don’t shampoo every day–that’ll only make your hair color fade faster.

Do you have any highlighting tips or tricks to share? Which celeb, in your opinion, has the best brunette hair color?

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