Oh my God, 30 Rock had me dying last night. I can’t get enough of Sherri Shepherd’s character on the show–but it was the scowling, cool, and utterly scrumptious baby Virginia who stole the full-length Queen of Jordan reality spoof.

0504 queen of jordan ob

But before we get to that little munchkin, let’s revisit and revel in some of this ridiculous, spot-on reality fun.

D’Fwan. Just existing. That is all.

0504 dfwan ob

“Do you know what a surprise is, Liz? You do now!”

0504 liz drink ob

Kenneth gets his runway moment at the Cheek fashion show.

0504 kenneth ob

Jack’s “business partner,” frequent homeless cameo man “Gus.” (By the way, this guy’s name is Hannibal Buress. He’s a writer for the show, and you should watch his standup now, it’s hilarious.)

0504 hannibal ob

“My love tank is empty!” (That’s Tracy, by the way. Haaaa)

0504 tracy ob

Jenna lifts one of the greats: “Prostitution whoo-are!”

0504 jenna 30 rock ob

OK, Virginia time–her feud with Liz Lemon was pretty much the highlight of my week.

Claaaassic Virginia:

0504 virginia ob

Jenna sucks up: “We’ll go on a road trip and just be sluts.”

0504 jenna virginia ob

Is Virginia impressed? No way. Rude. (Click here for the amazing animated GIF version.)

0504 virginia rude ob

Did you guys see the show and Virginia’s fabulousness? She’s a star!

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