Sure, Jimmy Kimmel’s speech at the 2012 White House Correspondents’ dinner was hilarious, but that was to be expected. The real surprise of the night for me was President Obama’s—he had me in stitches! Who knew he could be so silly? From Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump, nobody was safe from his zingers. Here’s the 5 best lines of the night:

1. Obama references Texts From Hillary.

  1. Pretending he doesn’t know his mic is on, Obama slams Kim Kardashian.__

  1. __Obama calls The Donald “one of the world’s most notorious individuals.” __

  2. __President Obama teases his dog-eating past with a funny fake Mitt Romney spoof ad. __

  3. Obama calls Mitt Romney “a snob.”

What moment did you think was funniest? Who had the best one-liners: Jimmy or Obama?

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