Even if nobody’s seen your skivvies for a long, long time, that’s no reason to make them an afterthought. Check out which celeb got caught in the camera’s unfortunate flash wearing the wrong bra yesterday…

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PHOTO: Kadena Pix/bauergriffinonline.co

©BAUER-GRIFFIN.COMPenelope Cruz is greeted by fans and photographers upon her arrival at Madrid airport.NON-EXCLUSIVE February 2, 2009Job: 90202W2 Madrid, Spainwww.bauergriffin.comwww.bauergriffinonline.com

The combination of black sweater, nude bra, and paparazzi flashbulbs proved to be a faux pas for poor Penelope Cruz, who probably has no clue her underthings are on display for all the world to see. She should have followed a couple of very simple lingerie rules: wear a black bra under black sweaters and tops and a nude one under anything white or clingy. Sometimes, a camisole doesn’t hurt either!

Do you guys follow those rules for matching your bras and tops? Have you ever learned your lesson the hard way, with a faux pas like Penelope’s? What was your most embarrassing lingerie moment?

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