Kim Kardashian West’s new-momma hormones are affecting the world in the best possible way. While up late last night breastfeeding baby Saint, the socially-inclined star took to Twitter to talk about a TV show she’d stumbled on—and how it made her feel.

KKW then said she and Kanye would love to make the full donation and asked her 37 million followers for help finding the little girl she’d seen in the video. While it seems like she and the baby had to go to bed without finding her, she made sure to leave a sweet message that’s sure to thrill its intended recipient eventually. “Whoever you are, these shoes are for you!” she tweeted. “You reached your goal, so proud of you!!!”

kim west kanye west out together style

The charity saw all the social action and stepped in, telling Kim that they’d help connect her with the little girl who had tugged at her heart strings.

The Nashville-based Soles4Souls takes gently used shoes and gives them to those in need. For further warm-and-fuzzy feelings, give the video below a watch. Warning: There’s a high probability you’ll want to go through your own closet immediately to find pairs to give.

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