Here on Smitten, we gab a great deal about what to do with your man once you two are rolling around in the sheets. But today, let’s switch gears and go a little PG. Here’s a helpful little sex tip to use while you’re both still clothed. Not to worry, it’s still pretty hot.

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When you’re standing in front of your boyfriend, slide your fingers through the belt loops of his pants and pull him closer to you. Once he’s right up against you, lean in for a steamy kiss. This slick move has come up before and with good reason—it’s fun for both parties involved! It feels naughty enough to give you a thrill and if you’re feeling bold, you could even try this out in public. It’s practically guaranteed to leave you both wanting much more.

What do you make of this move? Is it something you’ve tried before? Or maybe it’s something your boyfriend likes to do to you?

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